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Rising Studio

The US arm of the Rising Studio Company will set up a key business development base in Hollywood. The shareholder is made up of Taiwan's Rising Film Production, Moonshine Animation and DCraft Post prodcution, all of which have won Golden Horse awards - the most recognized film awards in Asia. Together, they make up the Metaverse Alliance.


Company Layout

The main focus of the company is visual effects animation with expertise in the realm of virtual production, grasping the aesthetic tonality of the images in special effects scenes, integrating top level simulation tech, which finally facilitate stories that are closer to the senses – Building an immersive viewing experience that blends VR with reality.


What We Do

Video production is the primary focus of our business. We’re laying out the groundwork for Asian virtual production technology, and training the talent to use it. We’re going to set up the largest and most advanced film and television studio in Taiwan, with an LED virtual studio that meets international standards, including a strong visual effects and animation team to run it.


Company Profile

he U.S. branch of the Metaverse Production Company is committed to the development of the international film industry. Keeping up to speed with the ceaseless transformation of film technology, we have seen the future. We adhere to our core values of passion, vitality, creativity and innovation. We are one of the few groups in Asia that fuse project development, virtual production and a team of the most talented visual effects artists in the region. We think that creativity and technology can complement each other, making our production system a benchmark in the industry, changing old thinking, and actively adding a new paradigm to the new video generation.

Our main business development strategy include:

  1. Virtual production
  2. Film and TV Series post-production and special effects production
  3. Post-production technology development
  4. Animation R&D and production
  5. Virtual content such as VR, AR and MR R&D and production
  6. Somatosensory interactive content and device technology research and development
  7. 3D/2D animation R&D
  8. International Film and Series Joint Venture
  9. International Film and Series Asia Co-production
  10. Asian talent agency and International Film and Series local distribution and marketing
  11. Authorizing joint ventures for the development of Asian-themed story IP
  12. Copyright management

Key Management

Rising Studio - CEO


Rio Peng

Rio was originally a member of the pop group 5566 in Taiwan. He is currently the director of several entertainment companies including The Dao Culture and Creative Company, The Dao films, and Super Popular Entertainment (Taiwan's Got Talent). He’s also the executive director of Amamus life bio tech, and the vicechairman of Eddy rich investment. Has brought several international superstar concerts to Taiwan, including Beyonce, James Blunt, Linkin Park, Union Park to name just a few

MoonShine Animation - CEO

Virtual Production Supervisor

Chia Chi Lin

Chia Chi LIN is the founder of Moonshine Animation, well known throughout the industry as the biggest and most respected post house in Taiwan. Moonshine is a team of over 200 talented VFX artists, well versed in film, commercial, music video, and virtual interactive content. He’s garnered awards from the Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival, Promax Awards, and Telly Awards.

DCraft Studio - CEO

VFX Effects Supervisor

Archin Yen

Archin is widely known as one of the best VFX supervisors in Taiwan. He worked at the Central Motion Picture Co. on Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale, The Rooftop, and KANO. He founded DCraft Studios in 2014 and has since won awards for film and television work from the Golden Horse Film Festival and Golden Bell Awards.

Our Work

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Metaverse Films Headquarters

1st floor - Virtual production studio (mainly used for shooting music videos and commercials)
2nd floor - Industry Fund Incubation Center|Film and Television Foundation|Shared Office (Film and television works incubator)
3rd floor - Rising films international Co., Ltd. (International co-production, production, film crew office)
4th & 5th floor - MoonShine Animation Headquarters (Post-production talent training, Animation post-production base)

The total site area of seven floors, including the top floor and the basement, is around 5,600 square meters.

The term “Metaverse” symbolizes the continuum of the infinite possibilities, representing a vast universe formed by glittering stars that generates endless energy and power. Metaverse Films Headquarters is located in Neihu District, the TV and film industry talent cluster of Taipei City. As the cultural and creative industry booster, this five-story building demonstrates diverse elements such as “Creation”, “Entertainment”, “Display”, and “Finance”. From film and television work production, international co-production, to post- production, Metaverse Films Headquarters facilitates and fosters exceptional works for our partners. Besides, we have professional teams specialized in project fundraising and talent cultivation. Leaping into the future, unveiling a world of possibilities with us.

*First floor【Rising Studio reception hall】
A modern and comfortable space welcomes employees, clients and visitors to a 66 sp m area at the front counter. The professionalism and creativity of the company is presented with elegant lighting and minimal design. The space also includes a bar and a rest area with over 20 seats.

【Multifunctional LED Display Center】
This 82 sq m space equipped with an LED screen can be used for press conferences, film and television forums, lectures or art exhibitions and other cultural activities.

【LED Studio】
This medium sized volume LED studio suits the needs of film and television production cases and music video and advertising shoots. The studio is also equipped with a restroom, dressing room, loading and unloading passages, and a storage space for props, creating the most comfortable and streamlined shooting environment to create the smoothest production process possible.

*Second floor【Industry Fund Incubation Center|Film and Television Foundation|Shared Office】

The Industry Fund Incubation Center aims to gather funds and resources to provide funds for Taiwan‘s film and television industry, hardware technology and soft power through the venture capital plan. It aims to make Taiwan more competitive in the international market. Besides, it serves as the president’s office.

The Film and Television Foundation focuses on project fundraising, aiming to promote Taiwanese intellectual property.

There is also a shared office on the second floor with more than 50 seats, providing a space where like-minded partners can connect with each other and share knowledge.

*3rd floor【 Rising films international Co., Ltd. 】
The Metaverse Production Company will set up a business development base in Hollywood to gather outstanding film and television creative talent, become a leader in handling film and television projects with oriental themes, develop exciting new stories, and actively find partners for international co-production projects.

*Fourth floor【MoonShine Animation Headquarters】
The Moonshine team is known for producing high quality animation and visual effects technology, and will be stationed in Metaverse Film Headquarters as an alliance partner. Its main areas of expertise are 3D animation, visual effects, advertising and film and television content, and virtual interactive content. Moonshine has produced commercials, music videos, concert videos, brand image videos, multimedia projections, and so forth. Moonshine is also actively working on film and television development plans.

*5th floor【MoonShine Animation Headquarters】
With a virtual reality lab, editing room, scanning room, and indoor studio, Moonshine can provide a complete post production solution for film and television content. In response to the rise of emerging media content, VR, AR and MR, the team will also create original IP, produce XR new media interactive products, and improve the technical process of video production, in an attempt to improve the current domestic film and television post-production industry.

*Top floor【Rooftop Cinema】
The top floor is an open space with sofas and seats, allowing employees to relax and unwind comfortably. An outdoor cinema provides guests with a unique cinema experience.



Rio Peng
Rio Peng



General Manager / Producer

Paul Cheng
Paul Cheng

Art Director

Chih-Da Kuo
Chih-Da Kuo

VFX Supervisor

Archin Yen
Archin Yen

Virtual Production Supervisor

Chia Chi Lin
Chia Chi Lin


Our Workflow


Script Discussion
Concept Design / Storyboard Design
Location Scouting
Create Dynamic Storyboard / Motion Board
Technical Testing
VFX Shooting Scheduling

Filming Production

Set Supervision
Shoot and Record VFX Materials
Create 3D Models
Motion Capture


Film Editing Support
Create VFX Shots
Color Grading Support

International Co-production

Our Advantages

Shooting in Taiwan is 15-30% less expensive than overseas, and the coproduction teams are well experienced in International co-production and can meet international standards.

Our Services

1. Visual effects, animation, production, and outsourced VFX
2. LED wall virtual production
3. Organizing, planning, and executing International co-productions in Taiwan
4. Applying for government subsidies and market fundraising in Taiwan
5. Project development, commissioning and authorization, and incubation of Asian themed stories and IP

Quotation Process

Cooperation SOP
Quotation process


Client Contact Online contact (E-mail, FaceBook, Instagram) Initial Client Contact (E-mail, FaceBook, Instagram)


Non-disclosure agreement signed by both parties


Client provides scripts/storyboard


Visual Effects Content Discussion and Evaluation


Discuss Other requirements (Title and Credit sequence packaging, pre-production,Set Supervision, etc.) Additional discussion as per requirements


Provide a formal quotation


Client approves and signs the quotation


An official cooperation agreement is signed

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